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By carefully wearing your favorite clothes,


私たちが大切にしているのは、届ける先にいる誰かの顔を思い浮かべながら、ひとつひとつ丁寧に物語を紡いでいくこと。旅を重ねる中で出会う、様々な景色や人々の想い、 そこで感じる心の動きをまっすぐに捉えながら、言葉を紡ぐこと。たとえ不器用だとしても、借り物でない、自らの言葉で語ること。経験を重ねてゆく中で、ともすると忘れてしまいそうになる、そんな想いを私たちはいつも大切にしています。 心のどこかに、いつまでも大切にしまっておきたくなるような、そんな美しい物語を届けていくために。大切な誰かに手紙を贈るように、そんなひとつひとつの想いを丁寧に重ねながら、私たちは物語を紡いでいます。
Dummy people confirm themselves and set their own steps by touching various lives while traveling and encountering each other. A single small encounter can make a big difference in one's life.

The encounter with people who lived on their own and spent their days earnestly taught me that. What we deliver is a beautiful story spun by people who live in such a single way. A story that allows a person who visits this place to gently snuggle up when they try to become themselves, take a new step, or lose sight of their way. We have begun to move towards becoming the starting point for many people. While listening to the stories of people who live single-mindedly, like a lotus flower that blooms beautifully in the mud. A beautiful story in which each story makes someone's life warm and shining. Send a letter to someone special.

What we value is to carefully spin the story one by one, imagining the face of someone at the destination. Various scenery and people's feelings that you will meet as you travel Spinning words while catching the movement of the heart that you feel there. Speak in your own words, not borrowed, even if clumsy. As we gain experience, we always cherish such feelings that we may forget. To deliver such a beautiful story somewhere in your heart that you will want to cherish forever. We are spinning a story, carefully repeating each and every one of these thoughts, as if we were sending a letter to someone special.